Monday, August 15, 2011

Lessons from ROTH: We all are and need Midwives

Welcome to Nevertheless, where we keep hope and faith that as long as we have a dream we will make it, if we continue to forge ahead irrespective of the peculiarity of our situations.  I am still posting on lessons from ROTH 2011.

Today I want to look at the fact that no destiny or dream can happen alone, there are usually a lot of people and situations who will help us into our place of assignment and keep us there.

In the weeks that led up to the event, I know for sure that somehow, even though it was one of the bravest things I had done in my entire life, I can also tell that somehow, I knew that it was all going to come to pass according to plan, not because of the muscle I had but because of the people who surrounded me this time.

Beginning from my husband Mark, who could have told me my dream was beyond reach but didn’t; instead he stood with me and kept me going by the sacrifices he had to make and most especially his ability to keep praying even when I couldn’t pray anymore.

To my sistas, Audrey, Enife, Ini, Nneka and Inyang, who all took up arms and stood watch with me.  For over a week the event became some of these special ladies’ Blackberry Messenger Display Photo, and they kept praying even when I couldn’t pray.  They kept calling to check on me and even gave of their substance.  But most importantly, they were only a telephone call away… some even had to move into the Conference venue to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Then of course to the best staff in the whole wide world.  They had never been through this event with me before, but they pulled their weight.  Everything that should be done in and around the office leading to the event was done and I didn’t have to scurry at the last minute.  Every thing was thought of and dealt with.  Numa, the peacemaker, Remi, my backbone, Charles always gets it done, Enyiekan, intentionally loyal, Blessing, not afraid to stretch and Beatrice who heard about a dream and enlisted.  Every one of these wonderful people held their own, and was not afraid to contribute their quota.

How can these all come together if I don’t speak about the two Kemis (who made themselves available beyond words) and Ebi who got on a plane to come and be a blessing?  Thank you ladies; you are midwives indeed.

Even though I stepped out, all these people had to have put their hands to the plow for ROTH to be a success.  They heard, observed and took action. They were diligent to set the time aside and simply take the time to move as we moved.  And the most fulfilling part is that they are all different in every regard yet they all bring something to the table!

In all these I realized that lofty, though my dreams are, I am nothing and can do nothing in birthing them, except I find someone willing to join forces with me.  And you know what; it is the same for you.  Whatever you will need to birth, though you are really so gifted, you cannot pull it off alone, it is just not given by God for us to achieve alone.

And that is why I round off this post by saying I am so sure you will make it, NeverTheLess.  Because no matter what you have to accomplish God will surround you with those who will midwife your dreams, and in that day, they will converge even as they did for me at ROTH.

You will make it NeverTheLess.


Sistar B


  1. dear sis i always enjoy your posts...nevertheless you hav boosted me yet beginning to recognize the roles of these midwives in my life...even those that sap u and leave you panting...high and dry. i borrowed the last 2 paragraphs of your post and posted it on my wall...on fb hope am allowed...if not i apologize...i quoted you of cos so i wont be accused of are loved.

  2. It is all good @DMCC Boxes, we all will make it by his grace and mercy. Even the so called enemy has his day, because of his troubling you, you begin to strive to push the envelop that is why we must recognise and give them room so we can float into destiny... and FB is okay, glad you are pushing toward the mark. God bless you.