Monday, August 8, 2011

LESSONS FROM ROTH: Dreams do come true!

Hello!  I took last week off blogging to try and catch my breath, because I really needed to.  I am back now and hopefully will not have any more breaks in transmission for a while. 

I wanted to take time to post some of the lessons I had learnt leading up to and during the Return of the Helper Conference.  This is in the hope that some of you out there will find something useful in these posts that will help you keep your dreams alive irrespective of your situation or circumstances.

My first lesson is that dreams do come true!  Now, please note that I said dreams do come true, not wishes.  During the conference, someone had given me a t-shirt to give to Coach Anna as a gift and the shirt had the inscription; “Dreams only become reality when awake!”  As the conference kept coming together and things continued to happen to further enhance it’s importance, I realized that the only reason why all of this happened was because one day, a dream formed in my heart, and despite all the limitations around me, I chose to stay awake and keep my dreams alive.

I had a great number of reasons why my dream should have died, there were circumstances that screamed give up!  And to tell you the truth I came close to giving up most of the time, but there was a picture inside my heart and today I recognize it as what success can look like, and that was the reason I kept going.

To tell you another truth, money was a major challenge, and if you are working and walking a dream, this will resonate with you.  But I found that the best of business people and dreamers are those who are willing to take risks and who are creative in solving the challenges that they face.  You will be amazed how creative you can get if you allow your dream to keep living inside of your heart!

So I got creative and today, even though the challenges have metamorphosed into another phase, even the creativity has evolved too. 

The point of today’s post is that as long as you keep at your dreams, no matter how hard and unachievable they may seem, God is a rewarder and he will ensure that you do not labour in vain.  The first edition of ROTH was a great success by the standard of 2008, and the fourth edition was a major success again by the standard of 2011. 

The life of your dream will evolve if you stay at it and recognize that with each step you take, you are an inch closer to the reality of your dreams.

Keep dreaming.

Sistar B

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