Monday, August 29, 2011


Hello and welcome, my prayer is that this post meets you well. 
A lot has happened all around the world since the last post, and we are more and more aware that the life we have today is a privilege and should be treated as such.

On the last post, I talked about leveraging your past successes for your future endeavours.  Today, I will want us to take a look at what success means to us individually.  I can appreciate that to a great number of people, success has somehow become synonymous with financial empowerment.  While, I agree that financial abundance is an aspect of success, there are still a lot of people out there who have so much money yet don’t have peace and when you get to talk to them, you discover that what they will deem as success is if they can find peace in their lives.

My point is that success is both objective and relative. What one man may term as success often times differs from the other.  This therefore becomes a perspective issue; it becomes more about what is important to you than what is universally acceptable.

Leading up to the ROTH conference, we had a lot of people ask us questions mostly on what we wanted to achieve with ROTH, and what the picture of success looks like to us.  From the very first edition of ROTH it had been clear that the conference wasn’t about making financial gain, it was about giving of ourselves to others.

ROTH therefore, is that time set aside to bring people together to allow them see what living a dream can be like and give them hope that if we have been able to come this far, then they definitely will be able to go as far as they dream.

Why it has been easy for us these past years not to have made it about money, was and still is the conviction that if we can act as a channel or conduit pipe, we will be able to find others who believe in our vision and are willing to partner with us to make the event happen.  And we want to say thank you to all who partnered with us this year.  God bless you!

Now to your dream, how will this apply?  Simple; do not let others dictate for you what success should look like.  Let your idea of success be derived from what your core value is.  If what your dream is about is about making some major financial break and you are convinced that is the way your dream should go, then by all means work towards that.  If it is not about money, don’t be afraid to say so and stand by what you say.

The truth is you will not be able to satisfy anyone as per whether they think you have succeeded with living your dream or not, because they are bound to see it from the angle of their core values.

Success is simply PERSPECTIVE, what is success to one is not what the other thinks is success and that doesn’t make anyone opinion wrong, just different.

So, if you ask again, was ROTH a success?  Our answer will be a resounding YES!  If you ask us did we make money?  We will say No, but it is all good, because we didn’t set out to make money in the first place, we set out to add value because that is the core of what we believe.

So let me ask you; Are you successful?

Sistar B


  1. I am sure you are in one aspect or the other. A wise person said that "success when achieved will create opportunities for others". So if you have ever given another the opportunity to get better, then in that regard you are a success. But then again, it will depend on what your core value is. Keep on dreaming.