Monday, September 17, 2012

The Reality of Resistance

Sending Blessings your way this Monday morning!  At sundown yesterday, my life moved into a brand new season.  My last child joined his siblings in boarding school and I officially started my journey into the life of an Empty Nester!  I have not been able to stop crying since we dropped him off, which proves that I am no Super Woman after all; I always thought I was one!  I miss my babies bad!!!

To today’s post; last week I received something I first asked for about five years ago and was denied.  That denial made me feel like a failure and even though other parts of my life have moved that particular aspect just stalled and became stagnant.  Every time I thought about this aspect, I just compensated myself by pointing to all the other areas where I was busy moving forward and told myself that that particular failure didn’t define me.  

Even though it didn’t define who I was, it kind of stalled my growth in that area.  I was so afraid of failing like that again that I never even gave it a try.  A few weeks back it dawned on me that I was going to have to deal with this imagined monster once and for all, but the picture of the last time will not release me to move forward.  I got into a conversation with one of my sisters and she said to me, “Bidemi create the reality that you want!”
I took her counsel to heart and I went for it one more time, knees knocking and palms sweaty, but I took the step anyway.  And here is what I found out… Resistance is not failure. The fact that I was resisted at the first attempt didn’t make me a failure, and definitely shouldn’t have defined me. It is the fact that I let it cripple me and I never even made the attempt again, that made me a failure!  I was thinking about this and I stumbled on someone else’s write up where he said “Resistance is not failure; hiding is.”

That was when I resolved that concerning living my dream, especially in this new season when I believe I will have more freedom to take on tasks that I couldn’t in the past, I will not succumb to hiding. When I hit a brick wall like I did five years ago, I will label it ‘resistance,’ take a breather and go at it again and again, until it gives way.

What about you?  Where were you resisted in the past that has become like a road mark of failure?  It is time to get up and give it another go, give it another push.  It is not their resistance that will define you as a failure but your choice to hide.  The times of hiding are over. Arise, take up your bed and walk!

Because no matter what they say to you, you can actually create the reality that you want. No one else will do it for you, only you can.  Never forget that after all is said and done, you can still make it even when you have been hiding for years.  Just get up and keep moving again and you will make it Nevertheless. I promise you will.


Sistar B


  1. First of all Amen and congrats- it appears that as you began to let go of the last little one God released something new unto you. When we release something it allows God run to move something new in that place. How about that! Well I must say I am pushing at this very moment to pray and move on something that should have never been a wall but now is. I will take heed to your words of encouragement and keep pushing till it gives way. I know without a doubt that it is for me and I will change and recreate my reality. Thank you so much for sharing.

    You are greatly loved and appreciated-The Watch-woman :)
    Keep them coming praying that you get pushed to write daily!!!

  2. Thanks Shemetris for stopping by. Yes! Really great how when we release something God rushes to fill the space with greatness. You are in my prayers girl! I see that wall of resistance crumbling, as your new reality emerges! You are loved and appreciated! Many Blessings!