Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Journey to Significance

Coch Anna McCoy

Welcome!  To a brand new week, brand new month and brand new day!  For my Coach and Sista Anna McCoy, it is a brand new year and it is an honour to be in her life on this great day. Happy Birthday Coach!

On today’s post, I want to look at the journey to significance.  The reason why we keep pressing into the fullness of our dreams is because we are on a journey to significance. There is a tug at our hearts to be more than we are; a pull at us to not just be the best but to also be people whose lives will impact and inspire others to begin their own journey into significance.  However, not all of us who start on this journey find people to travel with all the time.

For reasons ranging from a lack of integrity to a lack of authenticity to even an inability to sell the vision effectively for others to buy in, a lot of us never get to arrive at the place of significance that was the dream when we set out.  This place is the place of LEGACY where our work lives beyond us in other people’s lives and we find a deep satisfaction for our labour.

If the journey to significance is what we crave, shouldn’t we find out how to get there?  I know someone whose journey has inspired my life and that of hundreds of women and I will like to draw my highlights today from her life.  In a manner, these are the things I see in the life of my Coach Anna McCoy on her journey to significance.

1.       Don’t come as a rocket scientist.  The quality I cherish most in Coach Anna and you should emulate, is the ability to recognise that on the journey to significance you will meet others who have the answer to some piece of the puzzle.  Others need to recognise that even though it is your dream they are working with you, they have contributions to make and that you are open to those contributions as well as value them.  Coach is always willing to listen to what you are thinking and that makes it pretty easy to work with her.
2.      Another point to consider is that there must be value you are creating.  In a past post I had mentioned going organic which, basically, is a call to build our journey to significance around the stuff we are good at.  However, what really is the use of what you are good at to me, except it adds value to my life?  What this means is that my journey to significance cannot be all about me.  Someone else must be benefitting from the things I do. Once someone gets value out of your journey, then you are not far from significance.  You don’t spend twenty minutes with Coach Anna and not receive value for your own journey.
3.      Consider this too: Does your journey leave an impression?  The journey to significance as I have learnt from Coach Anna is beyond what we say and even the things we do, it extends to the life span of the impact that we make.  To leave a legacy is as easy as the lasting impression you create.  I am yet to find someone who spends time with Coach who doesn’t notice that she is the real deal!  Her commitment to developing herself shows in the way she relates to those she comes in contact with and she is never one to dabble into idle talk.
4.      How intentional are you?  One of the very first things I noticed about Coach Anna is her ability to set goals and intentionally work towards achieving them.  What I learnt fast with her is that except she is able to identify the value that can come out of whatever is being suggested, she doesn’t involve herself.  This for me means that I get to spend energy on the things that matter and move the journey forward rather than give my energy to something that is headed nowhere.
5.      My Coach truly LOVES those she is called to serve.  The journey to significance is about serving others, impact and value is about affecting other lives… and yes I have seen love displayed so selflessly and extravagantly that I am on a journey to learn how to love for real.  

If I had space I can go on for another three pages or more, but I will stop here, asking you to use these lessons from the life of Anna McCoy map out strategies for living your own journey to significance.  I will not be fair to my Coach if I don’t let her know today that because of her journey, my own journey has become more significant than when I started.

Happy Birthday Coach, thanks for pulling me in the right direction, thanks for undertaking your journey and by so doing showing how to travel this road.  One thing is clear to me and it is that no matter what happens; we will make it together to destiny, we will make it NeverTheLess.

Sistar B

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