Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Change your Story!


Good morning world, last week turned out to be one of shock and mourning the world over, from the Connecticut killings to the Helicopter crash in Nigeria that claimed the lives of a governor, former National Security Advisor and others, all whose families are suddenly plunged into deep mourning this season.  It is all sad and my prayer is that God will comfort everyone affected, and heal this dark world we live in.

This has me thinking; what hope do we have that all will be well in 2013? What gives me the audacity to ask us to plan so vigorously?  What is the guaranty that we will be alive to pursue the plans we make?  I wish I can say that because we have worked hard at planning, everything will turn out okay and that we will be alive... But I honestly cannot give any assurances, but that which I should and can give, I make bold to tell you about today.

I am a person of faith, as you may have gathered from following this blog.  I believe in God, not just any God but the God of the Bible, whose only son died for me, so I can make bold to plan 2013 even when the world is dark, because no matter what happens,  I know I am safe in Jesus' hands.  What about you? Have you accepted him as your Lord and Saviour?  If not please don't go another day thinking you have time, because remember, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

On today's post, I hear people say it’s no use planning because they have no idea if they will live past tomorrow but I say, plan anyway, with God you have every chance and opportunity to be all He has called you to be.  So rather than mope around doing nothing about your future, maybe what you need to do is change your story.

Change your story by changing a few things... Say different things, speak positive, that the world is dark doesn't mean the monsters are coming to get you.  You can be part of the light the world needs, by stepping up to intentionally live your dream life.

Change your story; you cannot do the same things expecting to get different results.  Change what you have been doing with undesirable results and your story may be on the way to changing.

You may need to even change those you hang with to be able to get a different story.  Maybe those you hung with in 2012 were more toxic than good for you.  Intentionally, change those you hang with.  Spend more time with purposeful, positive people than with drifters and negatives.

Change your story by changing your expectations, you cannot go around expecting the worst out of life and get anything different.  With a sunny outlook of life, the right plans and your commitment to follow through, your story should change to match your expectations.

Finally, stay on this track... Keep at it until you arrive at your desired destination.  However, don't forget the greatest game and story changer is in who you decide to commit to.  Jesus loves you so much, and is committed to your success more than you are.

So this week when I say you will make it please understand that it is because I know someone who will get you there NeverTheLess... You can bank on Him.  I do.


Sistar B

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