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Merry Christmas people!  Another one has rolled by and no matter what has happened or is happening, we are still here!  As I write this, I am away with my family on a much appreciated vacation.  I say appreciated not deserved, because in my mind, deserved doesn't happen unless you can afford to.  So even though we have worked really hard this year, this holiday is more appreciated than deserved.    Thank you Lord for making it happen.

Today I want to look at the issue of expertise.  Who is an expert?  What makes one an expert?  A lot of definitions come to my mind, but the one I am most comfortable with contextually is that an expert is someone who has narrowed down his options and focus to a specific endeavor to be the best possible in that field.  

Today there are so many self professing experts and there is nothing absolutely wrong with being one... It is just that it will be nice to show proof of our expertise, to qualify as experts.  If you think John Maxwell for instance, you see the picture of leadership. If you think Steve Jobs, you see the picture of innovation... So as we round off 2012, if we think you, what picture do we see?  If you think Me, what picture do you see?  We all are meant to conjure pictures of our expertise!

Since it is Jesus' birthday tomorrow, when you think him, what do you see? Even though some now refer to the season as Holidays and others as Xmas, there is no running away from the fact that when you think Christmas you don't have to try, but the picture you see is loads of activity, joy and cheer!  People going out of the way to be nice this one time in the year.

So if you ask me why is Jesus an expert, I will say because He came to achieve one thing and He focused only on that... To bring us the awareness and the opportunity of a better life and a better way.  Jesus qualifies as an expert because He solved and still solved the problem of pain, hurt, misery and death... He is the Saviour of the world... And this season proves that even when people don't agree, they stop to take in the spread of joy in this season.

So if you want to be an expert in 2013 need I say more?  Get better at solving specific problems and when we think you, we will see a picture of the problem you are committed to solving!    

Shout out to my Sista and friend Funmi Johnson, @born2bebeautiful.  When I think you I see Women free from violence.  You are an expert girl... Keep your focus.

To all you who have followed through 2012, thank you so much... Let's do this again in 2013, you are loved and appreciated.  In the words of a song I heard yesterday:

We are no longer lost, because we have a Saviour!  

Jesus is the expert at Saving!  You too go be the expert by  the problems you solve...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy and be Safe!  

Sistar B

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