Monday, December 10, 2012

Live Intentionally!

Shalom!  Blog is late today, I am sorry.  But it is for a good reason.  You know how I have been asking us to try and put together a plan for 2013?  Well, today, I had to move away from telling myself and jotting down what it was I was looking to work on next year to bringing others in to see if they could help me shape some of my ideas.  So you can say that the rubber met the road today.  It was a soft exercise that you know can be very hard yet essential, but I am glad I had that session this morning.

So what is up on today’s blog?  Well, aside from quickly sharing with you, this morning I am reminded again that ‘two good heads are better than one’, and that if you intend to move forward with your plans for the new year, then maybe at this stage you need to begin to involve your team members.  Today, my team helped me set a few timelines and helped clarify processes for some of the things we want to achieve for 2013 as an organization. (Thanks Ladies).

Okay, someone asked me how planning will help if it is not followed up with execution and I did say to him that planning was useless if it was not backed with action.  He then went on to ask if I knew that the likelihood of not following through was really high, and my response again was yes, it is easier for people not to follow through than for them to tackle their plans head on.

His next question was, so how does one avoid or deal with a lack of motivation to follow through?  My answer is the core of today’s post.  The first thing I suppose we can do is to be intentional about what we want to achieve.  I had to personally put a pen to paper to list the overall objective for my life, professionally, as a wife and mother, and Minister of the gospel.  My goal turned out to be just three words “To Live Abundantly.”  But that was still vague and far from something others could understand and so I had to break it down into differently parts. 

 I came up with this:
a.      I want to maximize every potential. (This got me listing out the potentials, what I have done with them so far and what else I need to do.  Which led to identifying the different aspects of my potential that were either dormant or not maximally in use).  Each step led to another and in the end I have like a map of where maximizing my potential is likely to lead.  Consequently, I have drafted a plan with deliverables and before the end of this week, will insert dates and timelines. 

b.     My second leg of living abundantly was to Be Intentional.  Now what this means for me is that I will do my best to have a plan, with a goal in sight and follow through on the plan.  The reason we don’t follow through sometimes on our plans is that we become distracted by equally important issues and ultimately get sidetracked.  So what will I do?   

      I am spending more time thinking than I am even talking right now, because I want to be sure that where I am headed is where I want to intentionally end up.  So if in the course of the year, life throws me a curve, because I am intentional, I will not lose sight of what I want to achieve especially since everyone on my team will have a copy of the destination for the year and can bring me back on track.

The key is to recognise where you want to go and intentionally work towards it.  Life will happen no matter how water tight our plans will be, but the more intentional you are, the easier it will be to get right back on track.  This isn’t about asking God to support the plans you have personally made though, this is about stepping into God’s will and finding your peculiar way of expressing His mind concerning you.

Finally, someone asked how she will know that her plans are aligned with what God wants for her in the New Year, and while I cannot exhaustively answer her, it is important to recognise that you can use the Value, Impact and Gift test to ascertain if you are in line with God.  What is your gift? Are your plans and dreams supported by your gifting? Does your dream add value? And who else will be impacted by it?

Till next post, remember that as long as you are intentional, you will make it NeverTheLess.  It may not happen in a day, but if you keep using your building blocks you will get there. I promise you will… NeverTheLess.


Sistar B


  1. My dear sister, it was well worth the wait. This is exactly the place I usually fall down. Either i have big dreams and no plan or i actually put pen to paper, but put the plan away and never look at it again!

    I think, in order to break that pattern, I'm going to have to start small. Recognising the pattern is the first and probably key thing. Then i need to sort out what it is that prevents me from starting at all or following through. I'm going to pick just one thing i think and do a plan for that.

    Thanks for brilliant advice once again.

  2. Born2bebeautiful, you know that you can do it. You have the spirit of intentionality. I saw it in you just prioritize it and you will get it done. Thanks Bidemi!

  3. Yes @Born2bebeautiful, we all have those times when we do a lot of planning and become overwhelmed when we get to execution. Taking them one at a time and breaking into small pieces is a great way to come at it. Also don't forget the issue of PDA, get someone on your case who holds you accountable. Like Coach Anna has said, you have it all in you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment as usual. I love you so...
    @ Coach!!! Thanks for dropping a comment. I am inspired some more. Love you plenty!